Current proposals

The Cuddington site is ideally situated for Extra Care Housing and has been selected specifically for its location. The site will provide up to 90 new homes in the form of 1-bedroom self-contained apartments. All of the homes will be accessible, with features designed for wheelchair users.

The accommodation has been designed around the constraints of the site and its neighbours but is still able to offer residents ready access to safe external space including landscaped gardens designed expressly to address the needs of older people; encouraging activity and promoting exercise, healthy living and wellbeing.

The design focuses on ensuring residents have sufficient space, both private and communal, and key to this have been considerations around accessibility. The development has been designed to ensure residents can remain in their homes as they grow older and/or as their needs change.

The following images demonstrate the design concept for the Cuddington site and is an indication of how the building might appear: exact details of materials, colours and finishes to be used remain under discussion.

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