Statuesque oak trees dominate the character of the northern part of the site. They will be retained and enhanced to form the centrepiece of a dedicated biodiversity zone which promotes ecology whilst remaining safe and attractive for residents. An active travel route allows non-vehicular users to enjoy designed green spaces within the site that are car free. A sustainable pathway design connects into existing footways to the north and east of the site.

A wildlife pond has been integrated near the lowest part of the site to provide increased recreational, amenity and biodiversity value. A green roof provides additional habitat and connectivity to other green infrastructure within the site.

The south-facing courtyard has been designed to accommodate semi-private ground floor spaces as well as communal areas within a formal setting.

Informal gardens and lawns to the south of the courtyard provide south facing opportunities for passive and active recreation including links to the wider active travel network. Shade is provided by existing and proposed planting. Accessible growing spaces are provided to encourage healthy lifestyles and sustainable choices.

The plans are still at an early stage and we welcome comments and suggestions on what could be included for residents.


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